Trying Sweet Potato and riding like a big girl

Today was a very busy day for our little girl.

First, we tried sweet potatoes for the first time. I think it will go well. She seems to make the surprised/sour face with anything new, but she was willing to keep eating them. Until she got super distracted by Brian and the dogs in the kitchen.

Then, we ran the first of our weekend errands at Target. We tested out the new cart cover that we bought last week. It works great! Grace loves that she can see around and not be confined to her car seat. I love it that I don’t have to carry her around and try to pick up all the stuff we need.

After Target we went to lunch at Capt’n Tom’s because Brian and I really wanted oysters, that we didn’t get to have last week. This time, we tested out Grace’s Phil & Ted’s Lobster. The last time she was it in, she was clearly still to small/young. We do not have that problem anymore. This is going to work very well for us, too.


Later we went to a huge local farmers market. Brian and I had fun and got some great stuff. Grace slept. 🙂 It was really for the best though – she needed it.


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