Last night Grace slept through the night. From 8:30pm until after 7:00am. Trying to recreate whatever I/we did last night to produce that result is like catching lighting in a bottle. I have no idea what was different. She has new pajamas. That might have helped. She has learned to roll herself onto her tummy at nights now. All of the books, newsletters, whatever say that when she is able to put herself that way, we can leave her that way. Of course, we are new parents, so we still check on her. A lot. She still has a couple smushed face moments and she somewhat forgets that she knows how to flip herself back over in the morning, but she is doing really well. When I was little, I always slept the best/soundest/deepest on my stomach. Brian was that typical baby/kid on is tummy with his butt up in the air. It will be interesting to see what her sleeping personality will be.


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