Very Busy Day I

Today was a VERY busy day for Grace and I. We got several things done. Not half of my to-do list, but none the less a great start. Unfortunately, Grace did not quite stick with her schedule, despite my intentions. She didn’t get her deep nap in until 4pm. Back to our regular schedule for bedtime, she was dozing in my arms, finishing her bottle and Brian called. That is also one of the difficult things about him being gone – his timing of his phone calls. I love talking to him, but he seems to “know” when I’m in the middle of something. My answering him woke Grace up enough that she thought she had snoozed enough. I gave her plenty of chances to settle back down, but no luck. She did finish her bottle, but now she is in her bed crying. It took her 8 minutes to realize that she was going to be. Then she started crying. She’s only been crying for five minutes and she’s already failing. I’m pretty sure (desperately hoping) that she will be out by 10pm. I hate doing this. It kills me to listen to her cry like this, but it has to be done. I can’t let her stay up until 11:00 and midnight like last week. That just ends badly for all of us. I know she doesn’t understand when I say, “Grace, your bedtime is 9:15pm,” but I do know that her body is on a vague routine and that she IS tired. She saw, heard, and smelled a lot of new things today, without real rest to process everything. The tricky thing with her is that even if she doesn’t sleep, she is generally still happy and babbling. It’s 9:48pm and she’s asleep. Three minutes later, she is crying again. It’s kind of funny (though incredibly not) – she falls asleep, realizes she is/was asleep, and starts crying again. 9:54 – she is out. Less than 20 minutes. We are getting better at this.

Let’s see, tomorrow errands we need to run are: HEB, New York & Co, Carters, maybe Baby Gap. Most of tomorrow will be spent doing things around the house. Well, starting tonight. I’m not focusing on sleep for myself – I just need things done.

I was watching parts of a movie tonight and one of the leads was talking about adoption. My mind quickly went to thinking about the process of adoption and “picking” out your child. I looked at Grace and told her:
“You are perfect. You could not have come out any better. Well, you could have come “out” better, but you are absolutely perfect.”
And she is. It’s that classic adage – you might not get what you want, but you get exactly what you need. Of course, life isn’t easy with Grace, but it wasn’t without her, but everything we have done and will do with her is exactly what we need in our lives.


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