We’re Trying…

So, last night, Grace cried herself to sleep at midnight. It was quite rediculous. Brian took her upstairs, put her in her crib, and let her cry. Within 10 minutes she was out cold. She slept the whole night in her crib – only getting up at 3am and then at 6:30am. THAT I can handle. I made her be up for the day at 6:30. I wasn’t letting her sleep in all morning to completely screw up her internal clock. So tonight we are trying the same, but at 9:00pm. I even told her that her bedtime was now 9:15pm. No matter what, she was going to be in her bed at 9:15. I’m not sure that I’m going to be that strong and stick to my word, but tonight we definitely are. She is currently in her crib and has been fussing for about 8 minutes. She is VERY tired, so I’m hoping she will just give in quickly. I would really like the is work and she get used to it before she can start screaming “mommy.” Then it will be really hard for me to leave her there.

Random cute picture:


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