Growing Up

Our little girl is really growing up. I was randomly thinking about it this afternoon, but it’s true. She’s getting better and better about holding her body/head up when I’m holding her. She talks more and more. I swear she says, “yeah,” “no,” “Hi!,” “mommy,” “hungry” – well, technically “hungy,” and “what?” I know that I’m just making it up/hearing what I want to. Her little personality is definitely coming out, too. I also think she is picking up some things from daycare. For one thing, she has a fake cough. It might be real, just one of those where you don’t have anything to actually get out, but it sounds like she’s faking it to get a response. I love it. I think it’s cute. I was also telling my mom tonight how Grace knows that when I get out of the shower on the weekends that she gets to “help” me get ready. Every day, I lay her on the counter in the bathroom and put on my makeup and finish my hair. On the weekends, she’ll be hanging out with Brian and be just fine, but then after she hears me get out of the shower, within 4 minutes she is fussy. As soon as I lay her down, she is laughing at the both of us. Daycare is really helping her physical development, too. She is getting better with sitting in her pod and it seems like she’s getting stronger in her back and neck – possibly from tummy time. I just really need to be more consistant with it.

Brian also stopped and picked up a baby carrier this afternoon. It seemed to help their afternoon/evening.  Grace seemed to enjoy it.


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