Finally Friday!!

It’s finally Friday. For being a 3 1/2 day work week for me, it has been a long week. Today began well, Grace (and the rest of us) slept in until 7:00am – it was nice. Since Brian was home, getting ready this morning was easier, but I was still rushing to get out the door on time. I did make it to daycare with enough time to drop Grace off and possibly make it to work on time. But then I noticed her classroom. As I was dropping her off – she was one of 11 babies in the room, with only Ms. Eunice and Ms. Janel. That’s not legal. Texas laws say the ration is 1 teacher to 4 infants. I was not too happy, but I knew there was nothing either of them could do about it. And little miss sunshine wasn’t at her desk, so I couldn’t ask her about the situation on the way out. I immediately called Brian and asked him to drop in and check on Grace when he was running errands. As I drove to work, I thought about what I had seen and I believe I understand what had happened. I am guessing that the teacher for the older infant room was late or sick or whatever and they had combined the classrooms as they tried to find her replacement. I realized that I had seen several babies that could crawl and even walk in the room. They are supposed to be across the hall. However, just because I understand, didn’t make me any happier. As Brian said – we aren’t paying $1,000 per month for Grace to be run over by kids three time her size. When he went to check on her about two hours after I dropped her off, the room was back to normal and Grace was one of seven little babies. I know that she is the youngest/smallest in her room as it is, but I am much more comfortable with the situation because they are all on about the same development level.

Completely unrelated – the Houston Texans are in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history (10 years). Recently, Brian and I decided that we were a Texans family – he renounced the Falcons and the Saints. He told his family so, repeatedly, when we were in New Orleans. But, to that end, Brian decided we needed to have Texans gear to wear for the playoff game tomorrow afternoon. Grace sported the first of three of her new outfits this evening.



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