Happy Two Month Birthday, Grace!

Little Grace turns two months today. It is very hard to believe that it has been two months since she was born. It doesn’t feel like just yesterday, but it’s really strange to realize how long it has been. To celebrate this milestone, she got three shots. I know, not fair. She did REALLY well, though. She screamed as she realize the first one hurt, but the nurse was very quick to get the other two finished and by the time she was putting on the band-aids, Grace was down to just an angry “aaaaaaaannnnhhhhhh,” which very much coincided with the fact that she thought she was hungry.  After a bottle and some cuddling on the sofa, she was fine. We took a family walk and she fell asleep… and has been asleep since – waking up once for a bottle. It seems like she is just going to sleep them off.

Her report card:
Weight – 11lbs 12 oz  (up from 9lbs a month ago) = 75%
Height – 24 inches (up from 19 inches a month ago) = 98% (yes, those are my genes)
Head circumference – 15 5/8 inches (up from 15 inches a month ago) = 75%

We love Jodi – the nurse practitioner that we have seen on two different visits now. She is fun and nice and Brian and I agree that she is much better at providing the confidence that new parents need – reassuring us all that we are not permanently screwing up our kids. 🙂 In her words: “Guys, you are doing perfect. She just great.” What more could you ask for?

While we were waiting for the nurse to come in with the shots, Grace and Brian were deep in conversation:


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